Modular Kitchen Interior Designers in Coimbatore

It’s important to keep your kitchen clean & hygienic to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Modular kitchen in Coimbatore makes your task easy by providing hassle free setup for your space. Our specially designed Modular kitchen enable you to have efficient storage for your cutlery, glasses, containers & other utensils. So, you don’t need much time to clean this type of kitchen. We also help you to choose the best suited designs for the space.

Hitting that sweet spot of design that looks stunning and functions remarkably well is a difficult task but at Ricco interiors, we have always been able to hit the right spot. At Ricco interiors, we offer the best Kitchen interiors in Coimbatore that provide you with enough storage space that helps in making a kitchen beautiful and organized. A ton of reasoning and detail goes into making a kitchen that serves everything from usefulness, with the assistance of our devoted group we make dazzling designed kitchens interiors that are incorporated with top-notch functionality into a simple, uncluttered form.

We are amongst the leading Kitchen designers in Coimbatore who believe in excellence, quality & transparency and provide smart designs with a selective range comprising of fine finish carpentry, wall coverings, and cabinets. OurĀ  designers pay attention to everything from layout to color to material selection to lighting, installation, and custom furniture.

Our Modular kitchen designers make down-to-earth yet highly elegant kitchen spaces where space is constricted and, surprisingly, the most functional area shrivels. Kitchens in studio apartments will most likely be a niche that needs change and clever ideas to make it work. Get the best home modular kitchen in Coimbatore.Here are the kinds of modular kitchen layouts that we design for our clients:


L-Shaped Kitchen:

Modular kitchen interiors in Coimbatore provide enormous services including an L -shaped kitchen. An L-shaped kitchen layout, as the name implies, is made up of two adjacent walls and runs of cabinetry. The L form is well suited for both large and small kitchens, and the length of the legs can vary depending on the amount of space available.


Modular Kitchen:

This design includes cabinets constructed of various materials that can sustain the wear and tear caused by removing and reassembling them. If your job requires you to move every few years, the wall cabinets and floor units are a fantastic alternative because they are simple to deconstruct and reinstall. If you need to improve your cooking experience the creative kitchen interiors can be made for you by the highly trained designers working at Ricco.


U-Shaped Kitchen:

A U-Shaped Kitchen layout is generally larger and in this type of kitchen design more space is provided for cooking, cleaning, food preparation, and storage. A U-Shaped Kitchen is an enclosed design that is very private that allows multiple people to work at different counters at the same time. Ideally, a U-shaped kitchen is made in bigger spaces that permit clients to have sufficient space to move around without catching each other.We are one of the best Kitchen designers in Coimbatore to provide you with your desirable U-shaped kitchen.


Parallel Kitchen:

The parallel kitchen is one of the most standard and efficient designs that allow maximum efficiency in a small amount of space. A parallel Kitchen layout increases efficiency and allows better organization of your room Parallel. In a parallel kitchen layout,there are two long counters, with a corridor running between them so that you can divide the work. Compared to other kitchen layouts, parallel kitchens are much more convenient to plan and design. In order to provide suitable kitchen design setups and color schemes for parallel kitchens, Ricco has a wide range of design concepts and experienced professionals.


Straight Kitchen:

To enjoy the appetizing look of a modular kitchen, we, the modular kitchen interiors in Coimbatore, provide you with a straight kitchen which is basic yet functional and is usually ideal for smaller spaces like a studio apartment, where everything is within simple reach, including your cooking devices, appliances, cabinets, and ingredients. In a straight kitchen, your sink is in between the cooking area and the refrigerator, with plenty of counters in the middle between. With this kitchen design, you can undoubtedly add an eating table to create a more friendly and interactive atmosphere.


Island Kitchen:

Kitchens are some of the places in homes that have undergone the most dramatic changes in recent times to keep up with our modern lifestyles and, honestly, no one complains.There are many designs and concepts associated with different types of kitchens, but the island-style kitchen is the one that keeps us coming back again and again. The individuals who have extensive space can decide on a measured kitchen island, which will be an excellent area of activity. In an Island kitchen design, you might as well make space on the island to store crockery. The rest of the space can be devoted to cabinets, an oven, a freezer, etc., and pantry space to store dry food materials.


  • We use only the best hardware and accessories for interiors.
  • Variety of sizes that can be customized according to the customer requirement
  • Our modular kitchens are available in marine ply, membrane, pre-lam, shutters.
  • Modular and tradition fit options offered.
  • Huge varieties of colours, shades, themes and layouts.
  • We offer finishes in laminate, veneer, deco and lacquer.
  • Design to installation in 6 weeks.
  • Visualize your modular kitchen in 3D before you finalize your design.
  • 3 years after sales support and warranty.
  • 1000+ colour combinations available.


Yes, our modular kitchen interior designers help you change the look of your kitchen by installing new cabinets or adding a colorful tile backsplash to your walls with the best hardware and accessories for interiors.

The L-shaped, Straight Line, U-shaped, Parallel, and Island are the most popular modular kitchen layouts; each has its own benefits, and modular kitchen interior designers utilize the work triangle in a different way to better suit the existing kitchen and seamlessly blend in with the rest of the house.

We don’t charge for layout designs when you use our services. After visiting your home to acquire the necessary measurements and receive a full client explanation, the kitchen interior designer creates concepts. After approval of the layout design, the budget is estimated.

Tall units with built-in gadgets, customized open shelving units, organized cutlery units, maximized utility space, and tall pull-out units are some of the popular features offered by modular kitchen interior designers.