Wardrobe Designers in Coimbatore

A wardrobe is one of the most essential furniture items in your home.Therefore, it’s important that you simply get the most effective wardrobe interior design. Ricco is one of the best wardrobe designers in Coimbatore. Our designers will provide you with the most effective design ideas to form a unique, stylish, and functional wardrobe for your home. We ensure that the look suits your home and your personality as we understand that everybody has a different taste in elegance. Our wide selection of options for wardrobe interior design is competitively priced and certain to please. Our experts are experienced and professional and are trained in all aspects of wardrobe interior design.

Wardrobe Interior Design Process

We understand that designing a wardrobe can be time-consuming and sometimes difficult, so we’ve developed a systematic process to maximize cost-effectiveness. We start with a thorough survey of your existing wardrobe and the existing features of your home. we consider your budget and personal preferences. Our wardrobe designers in Coimbatore conduct an in-depth discussion to understand your requirements before proceeding to the next level. This allows us to find practical and aesthetic solutions. Then you will be presented with options based on your preferences. Finally, we decide on the design and deliver it to the customer.

Wardrobe Materials

The materials used to construct your closet will determine the lifespan of your closet. Therefore, it is important to get the best material for your wardrobe. Our wardrobe designers in Coimbatore will help you choose the best materials based on your budget, style, and needs. This includes not only branded plywood but also imported materials sourced from around the world. Our designers will guide you through the detailed composition of each material and its uses. We will also discuss the pros and cons of each material so that you can make the best choice.

Wardrobe various types

A wardrobe plays an important role in keeping your precious clothes organized and protected from damage. The wardrobe next to your bed is one of the most important pieces of furniture in your bedroom. Some prefer walk-in wardrobes, and others prefer something simpler. Everyone has their own idea of​​the perfect wardrobe, but luckily Ricco Interiors in Coimbatore have many options to meet all your storage, organization, and aesthetic needs. Based on this, we are confident in the quality of the products we offer and the work we perform. If you’re thinking of building a wardrobe and aren’t sure which type to choose, here are some wardrobe options to consider.


Sliding Wardrobes

A more modern version of the traditional hinge-door wardrobe designs is sliding wardrobes. A sliding wardrobe is a fantastic option with a modern appearance. A sliding door wardrobe can have two to four doors, depending on the length and space provided. If you want to use your bedroom space efficiently, this is the best choice. It uses less space than traditional wardrobes, creating a room with more open space. Quantity and sliding methods can be used to create them, and our sliding wardrobe designers in Coimbatore offer countless design options.


Customized Wardrobes

The easiest method to get a customized wardrobe is to include it in the interior design project. In this manner, the interior designers will be able to retain a consistent design style throughout the wardrobes and the rest of the room. As a result, your home’s interior will be perfectly coordinated and have a pleasing aesthetic aspect. Always make sure to detail everything you have in mind when speaking about your needs with a professional interior designer. One of the most important aspects for them to understand your personal storage needs is clear communication. Our wardrobe designers in Coimbatore provide customized wardrobes to suit the specifications of each user.


Hinged Wardrobes

The most common type of wardrobes is those that have hinges. The typical wardrobe option has a straightforward design and a hinged door that opens. The most adaptable and simple to lock are hinged wardrobes, which come in the handle and handle-less variations. However, hinged wardrobes are only advised if your bedroom has enough room because the doors need enough room to extend out so that you can access your belongings. You can easily choose the perfect option to enhance the interior design of your bedroom with the wide variety of colors available in various shades and textures.


Wall-Mounted Wardrobes

We recommend using wall-mounted Wardrobes if you want to design your home with a modern style. They take up less room because they are mounted to the wall. This clothing accomplishes two goals at once! It takes up little room and also has a classy appearance.


Mirror Wardrobes

Mirror wardrobes are a great option if you want to give your bedroom more space. Mirrored doors are a fantastic option that enhances the aesthetic appeal and wardrobe designers in Coimbatore transform an ordinary space into a fantasy bedroom. They are excellent for small spaces because they reflect natural light to help a room appear brighter and more spacious.

Why Choose Our Wardrobe Interior Designers?

We at Ricco Interiors are a team of interior designers with more than decade years of combined experience. The quality of our work has consistently been appreciated by our customers. For us, a project’s success depends on quality. Our wardrobe Designers in Coimbatore have a track record of providing top-notch interior design services. In addition to wardrobes, we also handle lighting, wallpapering, painting, ceilings, furniture, and a lot of other interior design-related work. We are a business that has a reputation for producing the best results on time and within budget. Our experienced designer assists you and helps you to create the design of your dreams.


  • A wide variety of finishes and accessories are available for you to choose from.
  • We offer finishes in laminate, veneer, duco, lacquer & glass.
  • Modular and traditional fit options are offered.
  • We use only high-quality hardware and accessories for wardrobes.
  • A wide range of space-saving designs is available.
  • Design to installation in 6 weeks.
  • 3 years after sales support and warranty
  • 1000+ color combinations are available.
  • Our Wardrobes are available in marine ply, membrane, and pre-lam shutters.
  • Visualize your Wardrobes in 3D before you finalize your design.

Check out some of our wardrobe designs and contact us today to get your customized wardrobes!


Hinged wardrobes are the most popular wardrobe style provided by wardrobe designers. The
typical wardrobe option has a straightforward design and a hinged door that opens. Hinged
wardrobes are the most adaptable and simple to lock, which come in handle-less variations.

Yes, it is possible to customize your wardrobe design based on your needs with the assistance
of the finest wardrobe designers. We maintain a consistent design style throughout the
wardrobe and the entire home.

The sliding wardrobe is the perfect option if you want to maximize the space in your bedroom. It
takes up less area than traditional wardrobes, giving the room more open space. Our wardrobe
designers offer countless design options to better suit everyone’s tastes and preferences.

Designing your wardrobe is no easy task. A remodel cannot be done every few days. For this
reason, you should seek the assistance of skilled wardrobe designers who understand and
develop a systematic process to maximize effectiveness.